My Writings Photography
Patricia Komar

I looked at the quiet soil. It lay there like a clean pallet awaiting an image, a painting. Nearby, a white bowl of random seeds resting on a shelf. I thought of sifting through to find a specific seed, identifying, creating boundaries of results. Instead, I picked up a bunch of seeds, not knowing what they would produce and I carefully placed them under a layer of soil. I sprinkled them with water.

The sun will shine and they will grow.


I began somewhere, not knowing where I would go and what I will produce.

Without outlines.

Without guidelines.

Framework of unknown seeds, soil, water, and light.

With my story, I begin. It takes me where it needs to go.

Does it come from within or out? Am I a receiver of the artistic spirit?


Do I express from within?

Sometimes coming back to what is written and thinking, “Where did that come from?”

“Did I write that?”

Divergent thinking

To allow a step outside the safety net. Go there,

Look, step, walk, listen, hear, watch, smell feel outside the usual,

diverge, imagine, images

look at the images.

What do they say, feel, hear, touch, smell and see.

Go there and imagine.


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