In the middle of a snowstorm a muse visits the uninspired, those stuck-in-the-mud, the blocked. The muse shares pathways to creative expression, to finding answers, solutions even enhancements to your life, your story, your invention, your work.

Whatever your quest, increase your tools through which you can work through and communicate with your muse, your subconscious, your unconscious or what or whoever that presence means or is to you.

Step Away From Your Work

(stop thinking about it)

The arts are a wonderful vehicle through which this can be accomplished; visual arts, music, dance and movement, poetry, writing. storytelling, and drama.

View a painting or paint a picture

(you don’t have to be an artist – just paint, draw, scribble – you know – doodle)

First, the visual arts; you view a piece of art or even your own work and ask yourself questions such as, What is it saying to me? The answer is specific to you, even though the work is painted by someone else. The answer is yours based on your perspective, based on your perceptions and even deeper, your apperception. Your life has given you experiences different from others experiences. Your experiences will influence how you see and interpret what you see. Take for instance a painting of lilies. Some will see beautiful lilies as a sign of life in the garden, others will be reminded of the lilies at their friend’s funeral.

What would you see? What do they say to you?

What is the painting saying to you?

Then step away and say to yourself,

In what way does this apply to my problem, my story, my solution I am seeking?

To my work?


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