The Closet

March winds blow fiercely trashing the last fall leaf as it relinquishes its grasp from the old oak tree in your back yard. Buds begin opening, soft chirping of birds can be heard and the scent of softening earth drifts up from the thawing ground. Spring in some cultures is a new beginning, the New Year, a new life cycle. Living things go through a rebirth, a re-making at this time. In our own home, we too, can re-make our worlds. We can begin with a new palette of colors, a new scent, fabrics, maybe softer to the touch, flowing as our life does.

In our homes, the palette changes. Backgrounds of a neutral base are embellished with swaths of fresh hues. Take the beige pillow and as Talia suggested in earlier writings, cover it with maybe a turquoise colored scarf. Tie it off in the back or both ends. Re-make it. Re-make your world.

We have this opportunity of re-making one of the hallmarks of our world. That dreaded, overstuffed monster at the end of the bedroom. The closet!

Take a look inside. It’s you. It reflects and expresses your world with your colors, your fabrics, scents, and style. It’s a social entity in itself. One year you bought the dark blue skirt and matched it to an extreme white business blouse you already owned. The next season, you found a matching jacket to dress it up for those business meetings. Now you look and say, “That’s not me anymore, I don’t need that austere look. Our office is more casual.”  You find a soft flowing light blue blouse and you bring it home to meet up with that skirt.

Suddenly, you hear yourself saying, “It’s getting crowded in here. I no longer even wear some of these things. They’re no longer part of my lifestyle.”  It’s kind of like you want to shed your old skin. It just doesn’t fit anymore. It’s not easy, I agree. You’re wanting to re-make your world. You feel the March winds begin to blow away the winter spirits in your life.

In Switzerland, Sechseläuten a traditional celebration, begins with a boisterous procession to drive out demons and the cold winter weather. It finishes with the burning of the ‘Böög’, a 150 pound, 10 foot tall mock snowman. Eventually, its fireworks-stuffed head explodes signaling the official end of winter.

Now before building that snowman in your closet and running boisterously around your bedroom, you might want to try something a little less drastic. Simply ask yourself two questions.

What is my lifestyle like now?

What in this closet isn’t part of me anymore?

Now comes the re-making!

If you’re no longer that puffy, blossom-sleeved, cutesy dress girl, then retrieve that dress from its hiding place in the back corner where it’s being neglected. Pick it up, look at it, be grateful and thank it for the purpose it served in your life, for what it gave to you, something very personal, a special gift, a feeling you experienced when wearing something new. Guess what, it isn’t new anymore! Sack it! Yes, dunk it in the big bag you recently hung at the front of your closet. The bag with the words written in felt pen, “Give to Charity”, “Consignment” or “Diabetes Foundation”, “Salvation Army”.

Just a tip here – some charities will gather donations, bundle them and sell them by the pound to third world countries. They are then de-threaded and the threads are used to make something new. Okay, so RRR…….Recycle, Reused and Renewed.

If you’re really fond of that glittery dress but absolutely cannot see it as part of your life anymore, feel good about donating it to a hospice charity sale. You just might feel awesome knowing that someone is absolutely loving your once favorite dress just as much (if not more) than you. It becomes their most favorite dress in the world! Someone out there is waiting for it!

If you find it extremely trying, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually, even thinking about the re-do of that cluttered closet; remember, that’s pretty normal. Your closet is a reflection, an extension of yourself with your colors, styles, scarves, hats, purses and shoes. It’s what you wore for those important times in your life; weddings, showers, parties and special events.

Often when we get stuck, it’s a good idea to back off, immerse yourself in art; visual, written (story form or poetry), dance and movement, or music. Try drawing, painting, draw anything, paint anything (you don’t have to be an artist for this) draw your closet as it is now; in the future. When finished, look at the drawing. Do the colors, lines, thoughts or feelings you had while painting tell you anything related to de-cluttering? While making art, your mind has de-centered from the problem and begins working at a creative level and this may help you to find new creative ways to deal with the “monster”, allow yourself to let go.


Re-making your world. Match up those things you want to keep. It’s a social world in there! Sometimes friends move on. Sack ‘em!

In the end, if you so choose, dance like no one’s watching and shake that old skin off and when it’s on the floor, give it a big thank you for being part of your life, then a big kick into the bag and Sack It!

By Patricia Komar


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