The Story Comes Alive

And so this is New Years….. And look what we’ll do. Don’t look back. The memory holds a fuzzy imprint of happenings. Instead let the story come alive. From a frozen in time statue to a movement in the moment.

Oh, aren’t the rest of you tired of “the moment ” “be in the moment” moments. We’ve always been in the moment, some more so than others and some totally lost in the moment and some stuck in the moment.

This “moment” thing has become a part of pop psychology. If you look closely, the moment is an emphasis of most psychological theories, just another perspective, juicier words, reinvention of the wheel. Even while thinking about the past, recalling of the past, psychoanalyzing the past, one is still in the moment, the moment of thinking about the past moments. “Everyone be in the moment”, the moment of being stuck in a yoga pose, stuck in or on or inside oneself and not a part of being in life.

Take “being in the moment” and file it away with all the still life paintings and instead participate in life. Instead, be with life, a part of life, a superencounterer, a serendipiter, a divergener. Go gather some string for Pete’s sake! Let your story begin and come to life.

via Safe Search.


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