When I come to this site, I get a good feeling. It must be because I anticipate creating something positive. Now mind you, I just jumped off from other social sites where I ran away feeling as though I was being yelled at with this or that during which time I couldn’t even think of anything original to put on my own site. All I could do was share what the others were saying. Mind you (in your absolute mindfullness state) that not all was negative content, yes, indeed some was positive and of absolute value. However, I had to run fast when I saw myself doing shares of reshares and nothing original. The voices from the social websites yelled so loudly, I couldn’t hear myself think.

So I am off to take a forest shower and hope the fresh air and movement will be that positive vibe I so long for.

I know that when I return, I will be ready for creativity. Yes, I might want to try that new Apple recommended drawing app “Procreate” which they say is the most powerful sketching, painting and illustration app ever designed for a mobile device. This complete artist’s toolbox helps you create beautiful sketches, inspiring paintings, and stunning illustrations”.

I just found this “Procreate” App online but for a price of $5.95. So some of you digital artists may want to try this new app. Perhaps if you are looking for a way to draw, paint, etc. to express yourself or serve as a conduit or vessel (your own words here would be helpful)  you may want to use your own resources. Please, however, feel free to express that thought in your own words.

I plan to use chalk pastels – to feel the chalk in my hands, away from the digital and be able to use my arm to the fullest extent of its movement, to feel the stretch.

THE PROJECT     THE SENSES          Where to start?     An eye perhaps. Draw an eye. Then to ask the question: What do see? Then draw what I see. I will follow by drawing the nose or a nose and then asking the question, “What is the scent I am smelling?” Then follow it with hearing, touch and taste.

NEXT  WRITE ABOUT IT.   Here are a few prompts.

  1.  What are some of the thoughts that came up while drawing?  
  2. What am I thinking as I look upon that which I have drawn?
  3. Where is it?
  4. What is happening in the picture?
  5. What does this have to with my life now? Are there any parallels to my life? Any coincidences?
  6. What meaning can I apply to this drawing? What is it saying to me if it could.
  7. How am I feeling now? 

Now take a deep breath and look around noticing what you see and smell, hear, taste, and touch. Ready to create positive content?  See what you can do.




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